On the WalserSagenWeg
Listen in the rustic Triesenberg dialect the stories of the Walser – the ancestors of the Triesenbergers – handed down over generations. The legends are depicted in unique wooden sculptures. You will pass an abandoned Walser settlement, ancient stable buildings and plaster holes. The view over the Rhine Valley is unique

Different variants
The Legend Trail can be walked very well in sections. I organize guided tours according to available time, interests and condition.
Overall, the WalserSagenWeg offers a circular hike of about 12 kilometers. For the whole way you need at least 5 hours.

Short tours
Shorter tours are possible. At least 45 minutes should be scheduled.

Time required2
to 3 hoursOr
short tour

Up to 12 persons flat rate CHF 300.00From
13 persons CHF 25.00 per person


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