Backstage at Monarchy & Democracy
During this historical-political tour, you will discover details about the history of the Princes of Liechtenstein in the Princes’ Room of the National Museum or in the Town Hall of Vaduz.
How and why did the influential noble family found the country of Liechtenstein in the first place? You will learn how the former imperial principality became a sovereign small state and what role Napoleon played in it.

During the subsequent tour of the Landtag building, you will explore Liechtenstein’s unique political system. Because you are backstage at Monarchy & Democracy in a country with a truly democratic monarchy. What rights do the prince, parliament and people have and how does this unique interaction work?
You will also see the skill and precision of craftsmanship with which the Landtag building was created.

Time required
1.5 to 2 hours

CHF 295.00

German / English

Video (coming soon)